Publish Date: October 17, 2013
knick knack
I could lay here and stare at you sleep all day. Your beauty is so tranquil yet dormant like a volcano that's ready to blow. At any given moment a blink from your eye and a smirk of your cheek co...View More
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You and I were meant to be together, even if we haven&#039;t met.<br />I saw you in my dreams and I knew it then. <br />How amazing your smile is, and how intriguing is your beauty?!?<br />The adrenal...View More
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I&#039;m in a good mood but I&#039;m crying.<br />My heart&#039;s beating but I&#039;m dying.<br />What am I suppose to do when I miss being with you.
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Edward O
I need you.<br />You don&#039;t have to speak and we don&#039;t have to talk, just be the brace that I need when I am much too weak.<br />I carry it all on my back and then it messes with my mind.<br ...View More
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Roses are red<br />Violets are blue<br />This is a poem on CardiacGlue.
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Lol beautiful Melvin
Baby Mama
Heartbreak:<br /><br />I miss you like spoiled milk on corn flakes, or like thick syrup on hard waffles; boy you left me baffled. I need you like leather gloves in the summer time, but you know I ain&...View More
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