Fatherhood is not only a choice, but it is also a commitment. Whether you have children or not, you are committing to sharing your memories and experiences that can help another man become a better father, mentor, and friend.
Book Club
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the CardiacGlue Book Club.  The purpose of the book club is to discuss a book based on relationships and love. The club is a forum where readers can come together and talk about books and the reading experience.  We will also post articles that ask questions about love and relationships for your opinions and thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from everyone!   - Que
Baby Mama
Love YOUrself is a personal testimony I will attempt to share rather uniquely! All the same, Love YOUrself is also a tool that will help you to navigate your own heart, thus exploring the vastity of problem areas within your own life. This will be a fun interactive page which will be open for discussion. Topics will be presented systematically, but we still desire your creativity and transparency with exploring the depths of your heart. However, our hopes are not to evade the main goal of producing a contained approach kept within a cause and effect system. Example: My husband doesn't love me anymore...(The cause of her pain)...She spends most of her time watching tv and eating excessively!...(The effects of her pain) Let's make a change together! With God ALL things are possible! Start by loving yourself before you expect someone else to love you!
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CardiacGlue Fitness is a great place to get information about fitness ideas, share your fitness experiences, and find out how others are getting in shape. Getting in shape is a marathon not a sprint, and the sooner you start the sooner you will see results.
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