knick knack

 I know I did my dirt but one thing I never did was hurt her. I never went out and had sex with other chicks to hurt her. She messed around on me and now I am hurt because I know she did it on purpose. How could she do this to me? How do I forgive her and move on? This really hurts because I just don't we her the same anymore.

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Edward O
Forgiveness is not an easy task. It takes a real guy to forgive someone who hurts you and I’m not that guy. It takes time. This process takes time and if you rush getting intimate with her again then you will ruin "consequences of her actions." She has to learn that she cannot mess with other guys without there being severe consequences. 

F her bro is what I want to say to you. I’m going to share advice that was given to me. Give her the cold shoulder, answer her questions with one word answers, and be there when she needs you. Have fun around her but not with her. Do it so she can see that she hasn't ruined your life, but she hasn't ruined her own.  Don't think of it as revenge because she has to learn her lesson. The main thing that I would recommend you to do is to continue to be the great man you were created to be. A good friend told me to always do the right thing. Things happen in life, but what matters is how you respond when they happen to you?
Bro I’m still learning so good luck. 
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Baby Mama
This is the double standard crap that we don't like. Everyone knows it is wrong to cheat on someone. I know that it is wrong to cheat but when a guy has many women he is a player and he gets points for it. When women cheat we are whores and looked at in a negative light. When men cheat it is a physical thing and when women cheat it is mainly because we need an emotional connection.
You said you did her wrong by cheating on her so did she forgive you? I think you should ask her. In order to forgive her you must think about why you originally wanted to be with her. Are you still attracted to her? Can you see yourself with her for the rest of your life? Can you see yourself moving on without her? If she is who you want to be with then you have to forgive her by talking to her about it. Ask her why she cheated on you and what made her do it. You and her have to get down to the bottom of the issue so this won't happen again.
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knick knack
I preciate the help from everybody. I forgave her for what she did to me. I think about it just not as often. I think about why I wanted to be with her and that helps me get over the problems of not getting caught in the thought of it.
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