So of course i came here to vent hopefully get some advice but just to get this off my chest. So i have a girlfriend I’ve been dating for little over two years. Like all relationships we’ve had some good time and some bad time. But what I’ve done is hard to come back from. I was texting other females and finding comfort in them more so then my girlfriend. It wasn’t anything like i was trying to get with them it was more so a friendship. But there were a few times that i step out of line trying to seek comfort by text late at night because we had an argument. I’ve told her that i never would cheat on her and i would break up before i did. I hate seeing her like this and it hurts me so. I just don’t know what to do. I’m not going down without a fight because i love her to much and i know she still loves me but the trust isn’t all the way there.
What should i do?
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Baby Mama
It always starts like that. It always starts off like just friends talking and then the day we get into an argument is the day he wanna cheat. I’m not saying I cheated but I can see how it happens. So did you cheat or nah? You ain’t say whether you did or not cause you being all vague with it. If you did just man up and admit it and ask for her forgiveness. Give her space and time to make her own decision to be with you or leave you alone.
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