by on January 17, 2014
From the time God gave me this vision, I have been plotting and planning to get the people I care about to work with me. Here are the problems with that:
  • most people do not understand the vision
  • if they understand the vision, they don't want to do the work
  • and lastly, they do not want to have a relationship with God.
I am learning that I should not move unless I hear it from God. God is working all around us and through us to accomplish His will. My intent was to get the people who are good at what they do, so they help in the areas I am lacking. That makes sense right? Well, God wants us to come to Him, and for us to run everything by Him so that we may rely more on Him. Everything I was going to other people to get and everything I was trying to get other people to do, the Lord was waiting for me to ask Him for it. He was wanting me to start the process of strengthening my faith in Him. What I have learned today is that the reason why there is only a few is because a person must have faith. You must have faith that even when you do not have, "The Lord will provide."
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