by on November 25, 2013
It was a difficult decision to make: open CardiacGlue to the public, or wait until it was perfect? Of course we want CardiacGlue to be perfect. We want CardiacGlue to be the perfect place for people to come and express themselves. We want people to know that CardiacGlue is the perfect place to share their thoughts, and the perfect place for people to come to ask for help. But it will never be perfect.
We realized that CardiacGlue will never be perfect because there is always more work to be done. Someone will think something should be changed, added, or deleted. Someone will always think CardiacGlue is inferior to other social networks, websites, and apps. Someone will always think we could do everything better and in a different way.
"At the end of the day," we realized that everyone has an opinion. What matters to us is do we have a product that will help people and does it work? Yes it does. Updates and upgrades will come, as with any product that has ever been made, but we cannot wait until we are perfect before we share CardiacGlue with the world. We will never be perfect, but right now we are good enough to get the job done.
Topics: success, CardiacGlue