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October 1, 2016 by
Ask yourself, "Why is he Black?" If you ask an African American child what color his or her skin is, he or she will tell you brown. If you ask a Caucasian child what color my skin is, he or she will tell you brown. If you ask a Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or Arabian child what color my skin is he or she will tell you in their native language that my skin is brown.

Do you agree with general consensus that "white" signifies goodness and purity, and that is one of the reasons why a bride wears white to her wedding? Okay, so we are on the same page. Now, using a regular thought process, wouldn't a rational person conclude that if white is good then black is _ _ _ _? (Need a hint? It's four letters and begins with an E and ends with an L).
Look at the news story after a victim has been shot. Better yet, look at the police killings of unarmed African Americans and you will see that the rhetoric is always BLACK person shot a WHITE person. This is inherently perpetuating the good versus evil mentality and we don't even see it. The more we hear black and the more the world says black, the more tolerant the world becomes to this comic book movie of Good (White) Vs Evil (Black) being played out before our very eyes.
So the question I ask is at what point in our lives are we TAUGHT that an African American child's skin is not brown but black? Is it something that is taught to African Americans and then other ethnicities accept our declaration of being black? Is the brainwashing taught during history class when slavery is the topic? Does the brainwashing take place during BLACK History Month when African American Heritage is supposed to be celebrated? When we say that we are "Black" what are you proclaiming, claiming, and casting on ourselves?
Do you understand why the Native Americans are upset over the Washington Redskins NFL team still having the "Redskin" name? So, are you on the Native Americans' side or the NFL?
Yes, I understand that the African's skin were very dark, maybe even black, and the European's skin was white due to the lack of sun light in Europe. Africans were called negro because it means black, which was given to them by the Spanish and Portuguese who first encountered them. I get it. I have traveled to many different parts of the world, and every culture considers me to be Black even though my skin is brown. While enrolling my son into a British school, I had to check the box that said Non-Hispanic Black. Why are we considered Black if my skin is brown? Who decided this? Slave owners? So are we still considered slaves? Has the labeled simply been changed from slave to Black?
If you are a parent, how do explain to your child that their skin is brown but society sees it as black? If you are not African American and you have children, how do you explain to your children that their classmate, their friend, and their neighbor's skin is brown but they are Black. What does "being Black" mean to you?
I will not teach my children that they are Black, but I will educate them that society views them as being Black. I will educate my children that though we are descendants of slaves, we have been blessed with an opportunity to change, transform, and enlighten our children of the possibilities once we eradicate the consumer mentality and start making meaningful contributions to society. How can other communities start seeing us and treating us different and better if we don't do it for ourselves? How can we expect other communities to value us when we don't place value on our own lives. I vote that the Black be removed when discussing anyone who is African American. Again, ask yourself why Black, and then you will understand my point?
As African Americans we have been pounded and brainwashed by what we have instead of focusing on who we are and what we contribute to society. Our children are taught to look at what someone is wearing, and if it isn't the freshest or newest pair of sneakers then you aren't cool or worthy to be around. In order for our children to do better then the parents have to know better and do more. There's nothing wrong with your children being fly, but parents have to stress to their children that ridiculing, teasing, and alienating other kids because they are different is not cool. We should all want our children to be judged by the fruits of their labor and the character that is within versus being judged by the cloth on their back or the leather on their feet.
Share your thoughts. If I'm missing something then share it. I'm always willing to learn. 
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Great post Melvin very interesting. I haven’t look at the situation from this standpoint. “Why is he Black?” It’s not a hard question if its base on the image, but it makes me think. I believe that society was and still is hook on categorizing each other’s ethnicity. Along that line dark/brown was c...View More
Baby Mama
Where do I start? I think there is nothing wrong with being black because when I was younger all I heard was black is beautiful. I do agree with you about parents teaching their kids and training them correctly. It starts at home. I never thought about the black being evil and white being good thing...View More