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Our first Member Spotlight is on Jasmine Mix. She is the owner and founder of the non-profit organization Books With Barbers. We are introducing an article segment called Member Spotlight.

These articles will introduce CardiacGlue members to individuals who are using their gifts and talents to inject change into their communities and to positively affect everyone he or she encounters. Here is our Member Spotlight conversation with Jasmine Mix.



What’s your name?

Jasmine Mix.


Did you have a childhood nickname? If so, what was it?

Nikki. Only my closest family refers to me as such.


Where are you from?

Originally from East Orange, NJ. Currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina.


What are you passionate about?

Education is my strongest passion. I also have a strong yearning for building people up. Whether it is building up their spirit, building up their self-esteem, or confidence. I have a strong yearning for expressing love to everyone I come to meet through both my words and actions. In my opinion, the world we currently live in teaches us to be so self righteous, self-dependent, non-trusting; I try to break that mold by giving more and more of myself to those who are around me on a daily basis.


What projects are you currently working on?

I have recently founded a nonprofit called Books with Barbers.

Our primary focus is to bridge the reading gap that is currently present in the African American community.


What are your goals?

My life is currently surrounded by two main goals.

1) Continuing to be a great example and strong force for my family, especially for my three young, beautiful daughters.

2) To continue to grow Books with Barbers by fully equipping local barbershops with libraries that attract the interest of school aged boys.


How will you achieve them in the next two years? Five years?

I believe that all of my goals will be achieved by consistency, persistence, and diligence.


How do you define success?

Success is measured by your personal goals. I find that no one can validate, nor invalidate, what you consider to have found yourself being successful in. It’s totally personal. For me success is knowing that I have given something or someone all of me, everything that’s in me, and to find that I have grown from that experience or relationship. To reflect and realize that I have become stronger and wiser in preparation for whatever God has planned for me next.


What are your greatest accomplishments in the last year?

My growth as a mother will always be my greatest accomplishment. Every day brings something new. Feeling that I have fostered great, significant, relationships with my children, allowing us to grow strong as a family is my absolute greatest accomplishment yet. Alongside of my children, Books with Barbers has been a beautiful whirlwind. It has been fulfilling to see how such a small effort can make such a big impact.


What do you believe you have to offer the world?

That is a super heavy question… especially because I consider myself to be so modest! I don’t know! I offer the world ME! Jasmine. Just as I am. I am open, I am transparent. I hope that my journey through life can be somewhat inspirational to someone.


CardiacGlue is about the expression of Love, Life, and Heartbreak. What experiences have you had with love? Heartbreak?

We all have experienced heartbreak. And it is so easy to dwell upon that heartbreak and let it consume you, perhaps even change you for the worst. The walls that we have built sometimes become a cage. However I look at EVERYTHING for the lesson. What is God trying to show me? Teach me? What does He want me to see? As I stated early I have learned to become more vulnerable, open, empathetic… This is the way I love. This is how I find my happiness. I want to build others up in love, the same way I hope to be built up in love. It is why I am here.


Last question for you. Besides on, how can our CardiacGlue members get in touch with you?

Email: Website:


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Baby Mama
I think what she is doing is awesome. Anything that we can do to put our children in a position to win is a plus in my book.
love October 20, 2016
I believe that Jasmine is doing something that is truly amazing and it is much needed in our African American communities. We are very quick to hand a kid an iPad and a game controller instead of taking the time to give our children then best tools for development and growth.
love February 21, 2017